Once Upon a Painting

Once Upon a Painting

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...because every painting tells a story.

 ​Squish and Paint Parties for Kids!






 Paint your heavy cardboard circle.   Squish your Model Magic into a shape.               Add details.                                   Add texture.                                                Paint!


Book a Squish and Paint Party in your home!

Each painter will receive step-by-step instructions​ to create their own piece of art!

​We supply each painter with a heavy cardboard round, Model Magic clay,

and all paints and brushes needed. The theme is chosen by the host.

The pieces dry quickly, so they can be taken right home!

A child party is $25 per painter. The heavy cardboard round measures 9" in diameter.

There is an 8 painter minimum for kid's Squish and Paint parties. One child is free with 10 paid painters.

How does a Squish and Paint Party work?​​