Once Upon a Painting

Once Upon a Painting

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...because every painting tells a story.

I Love You, Stinky Face!

don't worry, mommy will love you even if you're as stinky as a skunk! Have a silly paint party inspired by the book "I love you, stinky face", by Lisa mccourt.

Gingerbread Man

Run, run as fast as you can, and have a gingerbread party based on the book "the gingerbread man" by  gail yerrill! 

Inside Out

paint joy and/or bing bong from disney's "inside out" while you smile and use your imagination!


what do you want to be when you grow up? have a ballerina paint party inspired by the book "I want to be a ballerina" by anna membrino, and dance the day away!


Gilbert goldfish really wants a pet of his own! have a goldfish paint party, inspired by the book "Gilbert goldfish wants a pet" by kelly dipucchio. what color will your fish be?


"Mister Seahorse" by eric carle is a loving story guaranteed to make your heart grow. the beautiful art will inspire your guests to create! 


have an alien party that is out of this world with "hush, little alien" by Daniel kirk!


have a ducky party with "ten little rubber ducks" by eric carle!  your guests will love the squeak at the end! shh!

Pete The Cat

does pete worry? Goodness no! and neither will you with a pete the cat party, inspired by the books by eric lutwig.


who is afraid of monsters? not you, with "monster trouble" by lane fredrickson,


"Ping Pong pig" by caroline church is so much fun! Pig just wants to play, but then realizes that it's nice to be helpful!

Rainbow Heart

 paint all of the feelings in your heart with "in my heart" by jo witek , 


"beach day" by patricia lakin will make you want to get your bathing suit, a picnic basket, and head to the beach!

Puppy Love

where did her dog go?  have a puppy party with lots of laughs with "This book just ate my dog" by Richard byrne,


"clifford the big red dog" by norman bridwell is a classic story guaranteed to be a hit at your child's party. they'll want to read it again and again!


WHO doesn't love to mix colors! have a purplicious paint party inspired by the book "Purplicious" by victoria kann, and your guests will have a blast being creative!

Little Wolf

this Little wolf is learning to howl at the moon in "Little wolf's song" by britta teckentrup.  He's so proud of himself when he can finally can!


Celebrate all things pink with a "pinkalicious" party, inspired by the book by victoria kann and elizabeth kann. Pink sparkles, pink flowers, and pink cupcakes! Pinkalicious loves pink, but being yourself is best of all!
Express yourself!


who doesn't love dinosaurs? have a dinosaur painting party inspired by the book "sammy and the dinosaurs" by ian whybrow, and your guests will have a roaring good time!


a classic! "the very hungry caterpillar by eric carle is a definite children's favorite. choose a caterpillar painting party and paint your very own caterpillar inspired by this book.



"monsters love colors"....and so do kids! create your own monster's unique shape and color inspired by this book by mike austin, then get messy and scribble all over your canvas!


"where is the green sheep" by mem fox is a silly story guaranteed to make your child laugh. they'll want to read it again and again. 


getting dirty and messy is fun! after reading "dog's colorful day" by emma dodd, you'll want to dig right into your paints! 


elmer learns being colorful is best for him. who wants to be boring and plain....just like everyone else? you'll have a blast painting a colorful elephant, inspired by the book "elmer" by david mckee.


"hooray for fish" by lucy cousins celebrates the differences of all the fish in the sea. you will count and rhyme with this silly story, then create your own unique fishy painting!


A bumblebee paint party would be lots of fun! you'll be inspired by the book "the very greedy bee" by steve smallman.....you won't forget to share your birthday cake!

Cupcake Party

Have a cupcake party inspired by the book "cupcake", by charise mericle Harper. 
Decorate your ​cupcake painting any way you'd like...it's good to be different!


"The grouchy ladybug" by eric carle is a favorite at once upon a painting. children know being a bully is no fun.....it's exhausting! it's much easier to use kind words.

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