​Book a Wine Glass Adult Paint Party in your home! 

Each painter will be receive step-by-step instructions to create two permanent, 

washable, and beautifully decorated wine glasses. The theme is chosen by the host. 

We supply each painter with two wine glasses and all enamel acrylic paints and brushes needed.

The cost is ​$30 per painter for two wine glasses.

There is an 12 painter minimum. The hostess is free with 15 paid painters.

​Don't want to paint wine glasses? We offer other glass options below!

​Wine Glass Paint Parties!

Drinks & friends!

10 oz. tumbler

2 glasses per painter


​Flowers and Dots

16 oz stemless wine glass

2 glasses per painter


13 oz hurricane glass

2 glasses per painter


 16 oz pint glass

2 glasses per painter


​Snowman S'mores

11 oz wine glass

2 glasses per painter



​We offer several options for you and your guests! How about...​


Fall Flowers






​Just Beachy


​Love Birds


​Wifey and Hubs


27 oz margarita glass

1 glass per painter


16 oz cafe mug

2 glasses per painter


String of Lights




​Carrot Nose


Once Upon a Painting

Once Upon a Painting

...because every painting tells a story.



​Flip Flops in the Sand

​19th Hole

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16 oz wine glass

1 glass per painter